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March 2, 2013, 9:25 pm
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So as there has been a severe lack of updates on my blog as of, oh, over a year ago, you may have realised I have been a little absent. But I have been a busy bee workwise during this time and now have a new blog over at tumblr, check it out here as I will be using it for all future updates! Otherwise have a looky at my website here for my portfolio and contact information 🙂 x


One Hundred Years of Solitude #2

So I really really need to crack these book jackets now the BBC and the Self Promo projects are both out of the way, so here is my progress on it all so far…

This work stems from a previous design, I wanted to jazz it up basically and make the cover look busier and more rich with themes and imagery. I think it is a bit too much, but here it is nonetheless:

Spooky Shadows and Monsters and Such

Have started a new project! Am quite excited about this one; I’m going to be writing and illustrating my own children’s book! A horror book in fact, just playing around at the moment trying to get ideas and figure out some good techniques to use now I have finished the first draft of the story. These are my favourite images so far:

Respecting trees

Just doing another children’s book, this time for older kids, telling them to be nice to nature and animals. Just decided to have a go into making it a dark, Roald Dahl-inspired poem. I will illustrate it but as I just finished the poem, here it is………

*Have just edited this again because someone informed me about poetry metres, so this version is metre-updated:)*

One morning five children started to walk,

Heading to the woods they began to talk,

‘This is such a waste’ one boy quickly said,

‘Trees are boring, I’d rather stay in bed’.

‘Woods are fun and pretty’ Daisy replied,

‘I want to see the animals inside,

We can play hide and seek among the trees,

There could be a fox or a hive of bees.’

As they got much deeper into the wood,

Another girl was up to not much good,

She climbed a small tree and found a bird’s nest

Threw the eggs out, the hen could not protest.

But Jake could and said ‘Stop! You’ve killed the chicks!’

Their shells are broken and cannot be fixed’

The bird flew away crying ‘There’s trouble!

With your help trees, I’ll pay them back double.’

Upset, Jake and Daisy began to fret,

That to the forest their pals proved a threat,

Kate, Sam and Colin thought nature was lame,

They didn’t care – to them this was a game.

Running off the path and trampling flowers,

The naughty three screamed ‘This forest is ours!’

Deciding their woods trip was a mistake,

Jake and Daisy followed them to a lake.

Beside this lake a chunky green frog sat,

Croaking in the sunlight, happy and fat,

Colin produced from his pocket a match,

And then an evil plan started to hatch.

Lighting a stick, the frog he tried to burn,

But the quick frog hopped away into fern.

Colin got mad and to the good kids’ shame,

Chased the frog leaving a trail of flame.

‘You’re going to burn the forest down!’ they cried,

But this trouble the trees could not abide,

And locked him in branches, their twisted arms,

And the earth Colin would no longer harm.

As he was so wrapped up he could not speak,

Shocked Kate ran straight into the swollen beak,

Of the mother bird, grown 10 times her size,

But as Kate was swallowed, flames started to rise. ­­­­­

Sam ran screaming from the drama and fire,

But even though the scene was looking dire,

Jake and Daisy got some lake in their hands,

To try and quench the flame’s hungry demands.

The fire would have spread but these woods were magic

And for the forest this tale would not be tragic,

For here come the animals; deer and owl,

Badger, fox, squirrel, duck and other fowl.

They came together to put out the flame,

They saw Daisy and Jake were not to blame.

‘Unlike your pals you two are kind’ said fox

‘You loyally stuck with us through many shocks.’

So Daisy and Jake left new friends for home,

Promising soon they would return to roam,

Round strong trees and creatures that would protect,

And care for those souls who showed them respect.