Sarah Kirk Illustration

2012 + a Pencil

SO it’s no longer 2011. New year and hopefully a lot more new work.. It feels good to be drawing again, soo here are some sketchbook pages of some things I’ve been working on:



Summer Project #15 – Montage

Have been working on this montage for a while, and I’m quite liking this version. Perhaps it still needs a bit more adjusting? I don’t know.. any opinions on it would be greatly appreciated! I think that I’m going to aim to produce a professional looking article for my final piece and this could be the image used to introduce the article… maybes…


Summer Project #14 – Layers Development

Trying different ways to put the tonal layer and the line layer together in ways that make the dog images look clear yet slightly ghostly, if I can….. here are 3 different looks that I quite like. Not quite sure if it will be in colour or black and white yet either, but I think my favourite one is the last one:

Summer Project #12 – Charcoal Dogs

Experimenting with different materials lead to me deciding to experiment with layering a tonal drawing with a line one as I think it shows a bit of a transparency that I like. These first 4 drawings show my rediscovered love for charcoal pencils: