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2012 + a Pencil

SO it’s no longer 2011. New year and hopefully a lot more new work.. It feels good to be drawing again, soo here are some sketchbook pages of some things I’ve been working on:



Self Portrait?
April 8, 2011, 11:48 am
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Really hate drawing self portraits.. this is mine for our exhibition catalogue, bit sketchy and probably should have done something more abstract and interesting but oh well..

Rebecca #1

Started on book number 2, the classic Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. For this one, I would like to keep the same sort of feeling of loneliness and isolation, using traditional English countryside imagery but using a modern style. These covers below are a bit of a failed attempt at conveying what I want to do as they look a bit twee, but they are ok in terms of composition and imagery. The black ink and white paint image at the bottom has the kind of look I would like to use for the covers.

Summer Project #10 – Line Dogs Layouts

Using my existing rough sketches to experiment with different formats of how a poster could look.

This is a montage which I have played around with using Photoshop, trying to show many sad Staffies. I think the pencil and pen work well as they look grey and a bit depressing. I also think has a ‘serious’, down-to-business kind of look which obviously is good as I don’t want the poster to seem light hearted:

Below is the first montage I have experimented with, using previous minimal sketches just with a fine line pen. I thought that there was too much space on this one so I tried adding more and crowding them together………

I do really like this look of dogs all packed in and on top of each other. Maybe some of them look a bit too relaxed and happy?! But at the same time I don’t want to over milk the sad puppy faces too much so maybe they’re ok:

For the image below I tried putting one dog much bigger and on top of all the others which I think is the most successful out of all of them as you can see straight away the one dog, and then you look closer to see the other images:

I’d like to try adding more detail onto these but I’m not sure if that would work so well as you might not be able to see what all the crowded shapes are if they are too busy? I do like the idea of dogs all packed in in a claustrophobic way like this though as I think it gives a really immediate sense that there are loads of them.

Summer Project #9 – Still deciding………… more sketches?

As the title suggests I am still pondering over the direction to take in this project. I think I always have a few too many vague ideas which always boils down to having no ideas in the end. I think I have been happiest with my simple observations, so I was wondering whether to start off with just a very basic poster idea of having lots of Staffies, making a statement about the sheer number of dogs in rescue homes at the moment. Then perhaps I can develop this into a series of posters involving the causes of the problem ie. dogs being disposable, syringes being the easy solution to the problem etc!

Gone back to fine line pen and pencil as I like the ghostly effect, here are some new little sketches:

A wolf and Matt Bellamy

Quite proud of this recent pen drawing, and the portrait is about a year old but I have to get over my fear of drawing people and I thought this was a fairly good likeness – it has his crooked nose and cheeky grin at least

H.G Wells Book Project #10
March 3, 2010, 12:15 pm
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Sketchy sketches of key elements of my ideas, trying to get to grips with the shapes etc…..