Sarah Kirk Illustration

Peacock Painting Design

Sketch for new peacock painting, it’s tricky to try and think about mood and themes for such a simple subject…

Think I’m going to try and concentrate on the patterns, textures and shapes rather than any grand concept, although I would like it to have a calm, flowing and harmonious feel to it. Not totally sure on the background and colours yet, that will be tomorrow’s experimenting job!


Summer Project #16 – Final Images for Article

I have been rubbish at updating.. but here are the posts I should have done a couple of weeks ago…

Final images I used for my article after the front page, focusing on the ‘targeting’ of Staffies:

Romance In Pink Clouds
May 18, 2010, 1:16 pm
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Well I have finished one of my canvas paintings, you’ll like it if you like soppy. Especially colourful soppy