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Observational Drawings and Landscaping

Oky doky so I’ve finished my storyboard finally! (I might put a bit of it up here but it is pretty sketchy and illegible…) So I’m back playing around with sketches, experimenting and layering up landscapes on Photoshop, which I find the most fun things to do. Plan for the moment is to do this for a few more days I think, try and figure out the look I want my book to have. (Also MUST remember characters are very important!)


Summer Project #12 – Charcoal Dogs

Experimenting with different materials lead to me deciding to experiment with layering a tonal drawing with a line one as I think it shows a bit of a transparency that I like. These first 4 drawings show my rediscovered love for charcoal pencils:

Summer Project #3 – Observations

Obviously having a Staffie in the house is pretty useful for direct observations on the breed. I have done a series of really quick loose sketches to understand better the particular shape of the breed. I really like minimal sketches like this, sometimes made up of just a line as I think they can look quite sad, almost like ghost drawings.

A wolf and Matt Bellamy

Quite proud of this recent pen drawing, and the portrait is about a year old but I have to get over my fear of drawing people and I thought this was a fairly good likeness – it has his crooked nose and cheeky grin at least

Post Before Party
May 17, 2009, 9:41 pm
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A blustery Sunday.. wasn’t this Sunday but pretend it was. tree

May 15, 2009, 11:30 pm
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The contents of my wardrobe are strewn across the floor and I couldn’t be bothered to tidy it so drew it instead. Very productive..