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Jingle Bell Rocks Poster Comp

Aaaand another project completed recently, just a little poster design for Uni Xmas Party. Never made something into so many different formats as I had to make a double sided flyer, TV ad and a web ad from this poster so I’m sure it was all a useful learning curve! I always find it a little bit of a struggle making posters when there are so many design specifications with all the fiddly little logos interrupting everything…


Pretty Sky Lights at Ally Pally
November 8, 2009, 6:40 pm
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Yesterday we trekked up the hill to Alexandra Palace to see the biggest firework display in London, and they were amazing! I only took my little camera and obviously the photos were never going to do them justice but here are the best ones for you to see:

Fireworks at Ally Pally 1

Fireworks at Ally Pally 2

Fireworks at Ally Pally 3

Fireworks at Ally Pally 4

Fireworks at Ally Pally 5