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2012 + a Pencil

SO it’s no longer 2011. New year and hopefully a lot more new work.. It feels good to be drawing again, soo here are some sketchbook pages of some things I’ve been working on:



Three Finished Book Covers

So finally all finished for assessment! Here are my finished covers, pretty pleased with them overall:

Observational Drawings and Landscaping

Oky doky so I’ve finished my storyboard finally! (I might put a bit of it up here but it is pretty sketchy and illegible…) So I’m back playing around with sketches, experimenting and layering up landscapes on Photoshop, which I find the most fun things to do. Plan for the moment is to do this for a few more days I think, try and figure out the look I want my book to have. (Also MUST remember characters are very important!)

Northwick Park
June 2, 2009, 8:44 pm
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As the title suggests, today I had a day of sketching in the park. I find people really difficult so this is my attempt at trying to express some sense of narrative within a landscape. Good practise for my summer project…