Sarah Kirk Illustration

Bloody Chamber Illustrations – #1

First drawings and paint sketches for ‘The Bloody Chamber’ illustration competition. Tricky combining the scene, mood and character designs together into one image for each story but so far we have…

The Bloody Chamber (Bluebeard):


The Company of Wolves (Little Red Riding Hood):


Current Projects – Peacock Painting and Folio Society Competition 2012

So am fully back home now all ready to crack on with some brand new projects!

Started this peacock painting project about a year ago and got shamefully behind on it during my 3rd uni year so I think now is the time to take it up again:

Am also very excited about the new House of Illustration/Folio Society book competition, last year’s was ‘The Outsider’ by Albert Camus and I never managed to finish it completely. This year we have Angela Carter’s ‘The Bloody Chamber’ which luckily I not only own but also have already done a project on it! How useful!

My battered old copy:

The Outsider Project

My other ongoing project at the moment is a competition from the Folio Society to draw some illustrations for this famous book:

I haven’t started anything much yet but having just finished reading it I think it should make for some interesting moody images. I read somewhere that the novel has a strong affiliation with teenage boys carrying it around to look ‘deep’, I like the idea of keeping the battered and ‘dirty old paperback’ kind of look to the illustrations. And there is a well paid commission job to finish the whole book if you win which would be amaaaaaazing!