Sarah Kirk Illustration

Rebecca #1

Started on book number 2, the classic Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. For this one, I would like to keep the same sort of feeling of loneliness and isolation, using traditional English countryside imagery but using a modern style. These covers below are a bit of a failed attempt at conveying what I want to do as they look a bit twee, but they are ok in terms of composition and imagery. The black ink and white paint image at the bottom has the kind of look I would like to use for the covers.


Music Video Project #8: A Long Night of Animation

Have been working quite hard on the finished piece, so here are all the scenes so far in a vaguely correct order. Still quite a few gaps and there is lots still to work on but there are lots of bits I really like. Really would like to get all the scenes pretty much done by this weekend!

Everyone I Have Ever Known
January 30, 2010, 5:45 pm
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A finger-painted flower for everyone I know on canvas. If anyone likes flowers (a lot) and wanted to buy it then that would be nice, it’s not going to fit back in my room when I get it back from assessment. Might actually be getting in on an exhibition in the summer so it may go into that..

Pride and Prejudice Sketches
November 17, 2009, 10:38 pm
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This Pride and Prejudice dress project has been a bit neglected recently as I spent so much time on my children’s book project but now it’s full steam ahead to try and get it finished! I’m going to try and finish the imagery for the dresses off this week, hopefully. Here are some quick preparatory sketches, mainly in felt tip pen just to prove I have been doing some work… The first drawings, of period dresses, were done at the Victorian and Albert museum. There are also lots of drawings of Lizzy who is always sketching at the same time as me, and therefore has to keep suffering being drawn in unflattering ways. Sorry and thanks Lizzy!