Sarah Kirk Illustration

Peacock Painting Design

Sketch for new peacock painting, it’s tricky to try and think about mood and themes for such a simple subject…

Think I’m going to try and concentrate on the patterns, textures and shapes rather than any grand concept, although I would like it to have a calm, flowing and harmonious feel to it. Not totally sure on the background and colours yet, that will be tomorrow’s experimenting job!


BBC W1 Project : Finished!

So had the presentation of my branding work for the new BBC Broadcasting House on Tuesday, and although it was pretty terrifying, it went generally well. They were very complimentary and seemed impressed, and even though the commission ended up going to a graphic design student, we still get to have our work exhibited by them and they are also planning to make some of our pieces into a set of give away postcards which is a good consolation prize!

This is the work I ended up displaying, which I’m generally pretty happy with. It’s all based around the concept of having a smooth and harmonious move of staff into the new building: