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A Thousand Splendid Suns #1

Aaand finally, on to the last novel that I’m book cover-ing.  Again, sticking with the ‘isolated landscape’ concept, but as this book is very much about a touching relationship between two women in Afghanistan, I thought there should be a bit more relationship in this one. My main idea is to have the 2 main characters Mariam and Laila integrated within the dry mountainous landscape, showing how they are negatively trapped in their culture, but also how they are positively intrinsically bonded to each other. I wanted the text to be a bit bold and imposing as a contrast but I’m not sure about it. Also not sure about the plain white background:

And below is my more simple idea about a deserted desert town, I’m quite pleased with the look of the drawing but I don’t think it encapsulates my idea so well:


Rebecca #2

Almost finished book covers for Rebecca… still going for the lonely, eerie isolation atmosphere, and I wanted to have an obvious mix of traditional and contemporary. The first one just needs a bit of tweaking and then it’s finished!

One Hundred Years of Solitude #2

So I really really need to crack these book jackets now the BBC and the Self Promo projects are both out of the way, so here is my progress on it all so far…

This work stems from a previous design, I wanted to jazz it up basically and make the cover look busier and more rich with themes and imagery. I think it is a bit too much, but here it is nonetheless:

Apocalypse Summer Project #2
September 29, 2009, 8:22 pm
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We have just found out that the deadline for this project is on Monday, rather than a week later as my Illustration class thought… oh dear. Therefore thought this was probably a good time to do some more work for it.

As I’m trying to move away from trees and clouds which are a bit obvious, and quite boring to draw after a while, I’ve decided to concentrate more on the dream imagery that McCarthy uses a lot throughout his novel.  There is a strong theme of dreams/memories/nightmares in ‘The Road’ that recall a lost world, often taking fairytale or romantic imagery. Using quotes for inspiration, here are a few little development bits that hopefully will provoke a final piece at some point this week…

'The Road' Grey Forest

'The Road' Rain Boy/Knife Fishes

'The Road' - Their World Entire

'The Road' Apocalyptic Sky

'The Road' Siren World

'The Road' Creature with Sightless Eyes

It was really nice to allow myself to use bright colour again, and I think this works well with the imaginary, fantasy theme and would be an interesting contrast to the grey ‘reality’ in the book. Probably need to take the dream world idea further and perhaps use more layers and abstract.. ness.

Apocalypse Summer Project #1
August 23, 2009, 11:42 am
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Just a couple of sketchbook pages I’ve finished for my summer project so far; the brief was to read some ‘apocalyptic fiction’ novels, so I’ve started work for ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy. I loved the book, despite it being really harrowing and sad, but as this is such an open project, it’s quite a challenge to come up with really interesting ideas that are original and different. So thought I would get the obvious out of the way and do some pencil sketches from quotes, looking at trees and clouds, as much of the book describes a destroyed landscape that is ash strewn and dying. Lots of grey.. Hopefully this will give me a basis to go off on more of an interesting tangent for the project later!

Grey ash clouds

"Bleak dawn in the east"

"All the trees in the world"