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Summer Project #18 – Finished Article

So! Here is my finished written and designed and illustrated article. I’ve already shown and discussed it in the class group critique and the major thing said about it was that the images are a bit cliched, simple and should be showing staffies in some sort of environment or context. So bearing that in mind, I think I will probably leave these pages as they are, and do a little extension project making some posters with different and more interesting imagery, possibly advertising the article.

But anyway I’m mostly pleased with the design of these pages, layout and stuff was quite fiddly and I think the outcome is quite professional. I’ve made it to fit in the Sunday Times Magazine, as a special one-off illustrated article. Let me know what you think!


Summer Project #17 – Alternative Front Covers for Article

Front cover for the article – to be a striking initial page, introducing an informative main double page……. I have used the first image for the final thing but on reflection I think that the 2nd image, with just the outlines is busier and more interesting. I might have a rethink and a jiggle about for assessment. Anyways here they are so far:

Summer Project #16 – Final Images for Article

I have been rubbish at updating.. but here are the posts I should have done a couple of weeks ago…

Final images I used for my article after the front page, focusing on the ‘targeting’ of Staffies:

Summer Project 6 – Doggy Destruction

Well these are a bit depressing but trying to find a good way to portray a dog being ‘destroyed’, or put down. Think this idea of a heartbeat stopping is alright, perhaps it should be clearer? Or maybe more dramatic. It sort of also looks like a target… could play on this idea too? So many ideas! As there is plenty of space on the image below for text, I’m going to make it into a poster.

A Day in the Life of a Homeless Alcoholic…
January 25, 2010, 6:53 pm
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Another uni project I had to rush to finish but I was quite happy with the outcome. We had to do a series of images depicting a day in the life of an everyday person, so I decided it would be interesting to look at a tramp with a lovely dog, getting ignored by mean people passing by