Sarah Kirk Illustration

Summer Project #15 – Montage

Have been working on this montage for a while, and I’m quite liking this version. Perhaps it still needs a bit more adjusting? I don’t know.. any opinions on it would be greatly appreciated! I think that I’m going to aim to produce a professional looking article for my final piece and this could be the image used to introduce the article… maybes…



Summer Project #14 – Layers Development

Trying different ways to put the tonal layer and the line layer together in ways that make the dog images look clear yet slightly ghostly, if I can….. here are 3 different looks that I quite like. Not quite sure if it will be in colour or black and white yet either, but I think my favourite one is the last one:

Summer Project #13 – Outlines

Just beavering away on the same idea as before, the posts are mounting up now and I’ve only got a couple of weeks left to finish this project… eek. Anyway these are the line drawings to be layered up with the tonal doggie drawings:

Summer Project #12 – Charcoal Dogs

Experimenting with different materials lead to me deciding to experiment with layering a tonal drawing with a line one as I think it shows a bit of a transparency that I like. These first 4 drawings show my rediscovered love for charcoal pencils:

Summer Project #11 – Crowded Dogs

Developing the idea of crowded, packed in dogs in rescue homes. Below is a fine line and pencil drawn montage of doggies. Think it’s allllright, could be more striking though. Also think dogs need to look more ghostly than cartoony

Also tried this little one, using Battersea Dogs Home building as it is the source of everything that has come to light in the media.

Summer Project #1 – An Oily Summer

First summer project post! My first idea for a ‘current affairs’ topic was the oil spill which was arguably the biggest news story of the summer. The problem I have with it is that there are so many different angles to look at. As well as the obvious environmental consequences, I also have the economics involved, the effect on tourist and leisure industries, the massive loss of fuel for many countries, and the theatrical¬†villainy¬†of the uber rich managers and CEOs of BP as portrayed in the media. To be honest I think these are way too many things to think about for one project so I’m considering deciding on a completely new one; one which has a narrower scope and is perhaps a bit closer to home.

However these are a few sketchy images of the beginning of my research: