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Apocalypse Summer Project #4
October 15, 2009, 7:47 pm
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The final images for my summer project. I made a small book with quotes illustrated from ‘The Road’, to try and show the small part of dreamy hopefulness in the novel. I wanted the illustrations to be fairly abstract and subjective. Actually preferred previous work to the final outcome as they looked more free and expressive, probably because I worried about this final piece too much. But I like the idea at least… I think…


Apocalypse Summer Project #3
October 11, 2009, 5:25 pm
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The last pieces of work I produced for the summer project before the final piece. Still looking at the ‘dream’ theme, I started to look at symbolism and how this is used in the book; mainly so I could attempt work that was slightly more abstract but still related to ‘The Road’. Looking at symbolism is probably going off on a tangent a little bit too much, but it was interesting to learn about none the less, and there are paragraphs such as this one below (which is in fact the last paragraph in the novel) that don’t make initial sense in the narrative, however to me is quite symbolic of McCarthy’s intentions for writing the book, and I think this is a really provocative paragraph on which to end the novel on.

'Once there were brook trout...'

'Carrying the Fire'

Heathen Candles

Sun Mother

Apocalypse Summer Project #2
September 29, 2009, 8:22 pm
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We have just found out that the deadline for this project is on Monday, rather than a week later as my Illustration class thought… oh dear. Therefore thought this was probably a good time to do some more work for it.

As I’m trying to move away from trees and clouds which are a bit obvious, and quite boring to draw after a while, I’ve decided to concentrate more on the dream imagery that McCarthy uses a lot throughout his novel.  There is a strong theme of dreams/memories/nightmares in ‘The Road’ that recall a lost world, often taking fairytale or romantic imagery. Using quotes for inspiration, here are a few little development bits that hopefully will provoke a final piece at some point this week…

'The Road' Grey Forest

'The Road' Rain Boy/Knife Fishes

'The Road' - Their World Entire

'The Road' Apocalyptic Sky

'The Road' Siren World

'The Road' Creature with Sightless Eyes

It was really nice to allow myself to use bright colour again, and I think this works well with the imaginary, fantasy theme and would be an interesting contrast to the grey ‘reality’ in the book. Probably need to take the dream world idea further and perhaps use more layers and abstract.. ness.