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Children’s Book = Finished! (For now..)

As the title suggests I am finally ahead of myself just enough to have 5 minutes to update this poor, neglected blog. Have been trying to complete my children’s book to an acceptable standard for about 3 months.. some pieces I am very proud of, some I am not so very proud of. Therefore I think that if I decide to do something else with it it’s going to have to undergo a little make-over in a few months when I can bare to look it again. However for now, here are a couple of the best pages:


Start of final (maybe!) work in progress

So I needed to give some of the final kid’s book artwork a go, and I have been working on pages 6-7 literally all weekend. I had to put something up here to show my hard work but bear in mind these things:

a. I failed on the ‘bleed’ (ie leave 5mm around the edge because it might get cut off) front. oops!

b. I still need to put more images on so it doesn’t make complete sense yet

c. Train isn’t quite finished yet

d. The writing needs redoing because it is hard to read

e. I was lazy and repeated images I probably should have completely re-drawn…

f. It is possibly a bit too chaotic, might need to take some elements out if people think it’s a bit unclear to understand

Apart from this little(!) to-do list, I’m fairly happy with this start. I think it shows fairly well how I generally want the book to look and I think I’ve worked out some problems for future pages (you’ll probably have to click on the double page image to see it because I don’t think WordPress really likes its width… ) :


Developing Developing Developing

Am at the quite difficult stage at the moment where I’ve just finished the mock up ‘dummie book’ and I just have to work on developing imagery and bringing the whole thing all together. I have a big crit this afternoon so hopefully it will spur me on a bit. Here are some misc monster images that I’m trying to improve

Children’s Book Plan #1

Hopefully some progress has been made … I’m currently making a dummie book, will put it up here once it’s finished (hopefully in the next day or so otherwise I am going to lose my mind…)

Here are some development sketchbook pages and some of the first storyboard for the meanwhile, I’m planning to have the dummie book completely finished and beautiful by the end of December.. ideally!

Observational Drawings and Landscaping

Oky doky so I’ve finished my storyboard finally! (I might put a bit of it up here but it is pretty sketchy and illegible…) So I’m back playing around with sketches, experimenting and layering up landscapes on Photoshop, which I find the most fun things to do. Plan for the moment is to do this for a few more days I think, try and figure out the look I want my book to have. (Also MUST remember characters are very important!)


Soooo still with the kid’s book project. I have been trying to work out how to do all the pages in a messy, experimental style, ala Dave McKean and have decided to go for a layering-on-Photoshop technique. This is my first very basic attempt at adding people into a landscape, in this case, children into a library.. I still have A LOT of work to do though, mainly on the characters as my people drawing skills are awful, so excuse them in this image, is just an example! They should be more expressive as well…..

Reckon I’m going to put all the experimenting on the backburner for now and concentrate on planning the actual look of the pages…. eek! but I think this will give me more of a foundation to play around with. Anyways here is my beautiful library and my not-so-beautiful layered image complete with schoolkids:

Scribble on a Street

Check me out blogging away today with new work! Let’s just hope this productive streak holds. Am really enjoying all this experimenting and this afternoon: more little creepy collaged urban scenes…