Sarah Kirk Illustration

One Hundred Years of Solitude #3

Going back to the simple design, I have tried to make these final cover versions very spacious and airy to emphasise the lonely and isolated feel. Nearly finished! Just need a few little tweaks and then one of these will be winging its way to the Penguin design competition submissions folder:


One Hundred Years of Solitude #2

So I really really need to crack these book jackets now the BBC and the Self Promo projects are both out of the way, so here is my progress on it all so far…

This work stems from a previous design, I wanted to jazz it up basically and make the cover look busier and more rich with themes and imagery. I think it is a bit too much, but here it is nonetheless:

One Hundred Years of Solitude (some boring covers)

So I’ve been trying to play with the idea of a lonely and/or repeating Columbian landscape for my cover, only problem is the lonelier the image is, the more boring it becomes and as I found this book so amazing and rich with themes and ideas, plain isn’t really the feel I want to give the jacket. It’s tricky though and I do like the painting work I’ve done on some of these – maybe I’ll like them a bit better tomorrow. I need a rethink but for now here are some possible developing designs:

Long Time..

Once again it has been a long while since the last post! It doesn’t help that I don’t have the internet at home at the moment, but since I’m in uni all day, every day at the moment, here’s hoping this will be the first blog of many in quick succession.

So currently halfway through designing a new cover jacket for Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’, for this year’s adult Penguin design competition, so here are some paintings showing my ideas development:

Start of final (maybe!) work in progress

So I needed to give some of the final kid’s book artwork a go, and I have been working on pages 6-7 literally all weekend. I had to put something up here to show my hard work but bear in mind these things:

a. I failed on the ‘bleed’ (ie leave 5mm around the edge because it might get cut off) front. oops!

b. I still need to put more images on so it doesn’t make complete sense yet

c. Train isn’t quite finished yet

d. The writing needs redoing because it is hard to read

e. I was lazy and repeated images I probably should have completely re-drawn…

f. It is possibly a bit too chaotic, might need to take some elements out if people think it’s a bit unclear to understand

Apart from this little(!) to-do list, I’m fairly happy with this start. I think it shows fairly well how I generally want the book to look and I think I’ve worked out some problems for future pages (you’ll probably have to click on the double page image to see it because I don’t think WordPress really likes its width… ) :


The Outsider Project

My other ongoing project at the moment is a competition from the Folio Society to draw some illustrations for this famous book:

I haven’t started anything much yet but having just finished reading it I think it should make for some interesting moody images. I read somewhere that the novel has a strong affiliation with teenage boys carrying it around to look ‘deep’, I like the idea of keeping the battered and ‘dirty old paperback’ kind of look to the illustrations. And there is a well paid commission job to finish the whole book if you win which would be amaaaaaazing!