Sarah Kirk Illustration

Rebecca #1

Started on book number 2, the classic Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier. For this one, I would like to keep the same sort of feeling of loneliness and isolation, using traditional English countryside imagery but using a modern style. These covers below are a bit of a failed attempt at conveying what I want to do as they look a bit twee, but they are ok in terms of composition and imagery. The black ink and white paint image at the bottom has the kind of look I would like to use for the covers.


One Hundred Years of Solitude #3

Going back to the simple design, I have tried to make these final cover versions very spacious and airy to emphasise the lonely and isolated feel. Nearly finished! Just need a few little tweaks and then one of these will be winging its way to the Penguin design competition submissions folder:

One Hundred Years of Solitude #2

So I really really need to crack these book jackets now the BBC and the Self Promo projects are both out of the way, so here is my progress on it all so far…

This work stems from a previous design, I wanted to jazz it up basically and make the cover look busier and more rich with themes and imagery. I think it is a bit too much, but here it is nonetheless:

Editorial Self Promotional Piece

For our professional practise module we had to create a self-promotional piece which could be sent out to potential clients and employers, and as I hadn’t done any for ages I decided to do some magazine and newspaper editorial work. So these are the pages from my final piece, a mock-magazine consisting of a variety of different articles (from The Guardian, World of Interiors, Wired and New Scientist) that I have re-designed and illustrated to demonstrate that I could handle an editorial job. I’m happy with most of this, going to wait for the feedback before I consider actually sending this off to art editors, but any of your comments on it would also be greatly appreciated!

BBC W1 Project : Finished!

So had the presentation of my branding work for the new BBC Broadcasting House on Tuesday, and although it was pretty terrifying, it went generally well. They were very complimentary and seemed impressed, and even though the commission ended up going to a graphic design student, we still get to have our work exhibited by them and they are also planning to make some of our pieces into a set of give away postcards which is a good consolation prize!

This is the work I ended up displaying, which I’m generally pretty happy with. It’s all based around the concept of having a smooth and harmonious move of staff into the new building:

One Hundred Years of Solitude (some boring covers)

So I’ve been trying to play with the idea of a lonely and/or repeating Columbian landscape for my cover, only problem is the lonelier the image is, the more boring it becomes and as I found this book so amazing and rich with themes and ideas, plain isn’t really the feel I want to give the jacket. It’s tricky though and I do like the painting work I’ve done on some of these – maybe I’ll like them a bit better tomorrow. I need a rethink but for now here are some possible developing designs: