Sarah Kirk Illustration

Summer Project #2 – Dogs

Well as much as I’ve tried to think about big scale international issues for this new project, I’m afraid I’m back to the animals. Have been reading about dog rescue homes and the mass destruction of Staffordshire Bull Terriers, as there are so many abandoned at the moment that 1000s of healthy and friendly dogs and puppies are put down every year. And since my mum rescued a little Staffie a few months ago, I couldn’t really do any other issue.

The main problems seem to be 1. the negative publicity recently with dog attacks that have given all of the Staffie breed a bad name 2. the negative publicity itself exacerbating the problem of a particular minority buying these dogs either for their muscular look and ‘hard’ image, or actually training dogs to be aggressive and 3. the ignorant breeding of Staffies with dogs such as the banned Bull Terrier to create sometimes quite dangerous crossbreeds.

Obviously all these issues mean that people aren’t buying the dogs for the right reasons and therefore many of them being unloved and abandoned.


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