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Mouse Experiment

Really wanted to do an animation for the next project, so took today to make a simple practise animation. Thanks Dave and Joey for helping me! 🙂


H.G Wells Project #17

Have had a bit of tweaking on the covers, just altered the text on the spines and the backs slightly. And I took the author’s name off the front because I didn’t want too much text on the final images. Am quite proud of ‘The History of Mr Polly’ and ‘Tono Bungay’, less so on ‘Ann Veronica’ – would have liked to redo the Victorian lady again. I think they are fairly intriguing and striking as a set which was my intention. And I think I’ve learnt a lot about composing imagery on Photoshop which is quite useful

H.G Wells Project #16

First try outs for the book jackets, not sure about the compositions and layouts still. Quite like Tono Bungay and The History of Mr Polly.. not so keen on Ann Veronica. I’m pleased with the black and white with one different key colour on each book, and the splatty expression that I’ve tried to keep on the imagery while tidying it up.

H.G Wells Project #15

Again, bit of development for Ann Veronica on Photoshop. Getting there but it is taking a long time to get things looking professional and alright. These ones I haven’t done as much development on as the others so probably should play with composition more.

H.G Wells Book Project #14

Doing the same final Photoshop business to Tono Bungay elements but struggling a bit more on this one because I don’t think any of the drawings or paintings are as strong. So these are an alright start but I might have another initial play around with different materials for the elements:

H.G Wells Book Project #13
March 4, 2010, 6:19 pm
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Getting somewhere at last.. Have been taking elements and then putting them together in Photoshop, experimenting with composition, effects, colours etc for ‘The History of Mr Polly’. Because these are the best so far, I think I’m going to attempt to do the other book jackets in the same way and hopefully they will turn out ok as final things! I’ve decided to stop developing the animal concept as I think the idea was becoming a bit overworked and tired and I’ve pretty much run out of things to do on it now.

H.G Wells Book Project #12

Stuff I did for the ‘Mr Polly’ cover, to try and inspire something cool for the ‘changing theme’..

Aaand some experimental covers, bit surreal. Obviously the real things would be better and stuff. Kind of like the ideas and some of the other aspects so hopefully I can take these on and improve them: