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The Perfect 10 Project

This was a one week drawing project to make 4 images expressing socio/political ideas about contempory ideals of beauty. I hate projects like this, which sound really wordy when you first get them, but after starting you realise that they’re actually really cliched and hard to make different or interesting. But anyway, here is my project so far…

I’ve looked at innocence V the sexualisation of children; how kids are, at increasingly younger ages, wearing provocative clothes, make-up and generally being exposed to adult expectations of appearance, while being themselves naive to what they’re doing. I’ve tried to make the subject a bit less creepy and wrong than it initially sounds, but to be honest I’m more pleased with the style and look of the drawings than the imagery or the ideas, but think I’m getting there. They’re also not quite finished yet but will update when I’m completely done.



Pride and Prejudice Sketches
November 17, 2009, 10:38 pm
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This Pride and Prejudice dress project has been a bit neglected recently as I spent so much time on my children’s book project but now it’s full steam ahead to try and get it finished! I’m going to try and finish the imagery for the dresses off this week, hopefully. Here are some quick preparatory sketches, mainly in felt tip pen just to prove I have been doing some work… The first drawings, of period dresses, were done at the Victorian and Albert museum. There are also lots of drawings of Lizzy who is always sketching at the same time as me, and therefore has to keep suffering being drawn in unflattering ways. Sorry and thanks Lizzy!

I am now an (unofficial) children’s book author…
November 9, 2009, 6:26 pm
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Have just finished my first kids book, for my drawing module. Has been a lot of work to get it finished in time, as I’m quite a slow worker anyway, and we only had a week…

I would talk about it some more but I’ve just been writing all these ideas about it in the prep work for the project, and it’s pretty self explanatory! So here it is, hope you like it

Pretty Sky Lights at Ally Pally
November 8, 2009, 6:40 pm
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Yesterday we trekked up the hill to Alexandra Palace to see the biggest firework display in London, and they were amazing! I only took my little camera and obviously the photos were never going to do them justice but here are the best ones for you to see:

Fireworks at Ally Pally 1

Fireworks at Ally Pally 2

Fireworks at Ally Pally 3

Fireworks at Ally Pally 4

Fireworks at Ally Pally 5