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Apocalypse Summer Project #2
September 29, 2009, 8:22 pm
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We have just found out that the deadline for this project is on Monday, rather than a week later as my Illustration class thought… oh dear. Therefore thought this was probably a good time to do some more work for it.

As I’m trying to move away from trees and clouds which are a bit obvious, and quite boring to draw after a while, I’ve decided to concentrate more on the dream imagery that McCarthy uses a lot throughout his novel.  There is a strong theme of dreams/memories/nightmares in ‘The Road’ that recall a lost world, often taking fairytale or romantic imagery. Using quotes for inspiration, here are a few little development bits that hopefully will provoke a final piece at some point this week…

'The Road' Grey Forest

'The Road' Rain Boy/Knife Fishes

'The Road' - Their World Entire

'The Road' Apocalyptic Sky

'The Road' Siren World

'The Road' Creature with Sightless Eyes

It was really nice to allow myself to use bright colour again, and I think this works well with the imaginary, fantasy theme and would be an interesting contrast to the grey ‘reality’ in the book. Probably need to take the dream world idea further and perhaps use more layers and abstract.. ness.


Shelter Exhibition Launch Party

This is just a few of my favourite exhibits in the exhibition, taken from the posh launch party on Thursday night… including Amelia’s Magazine’s contribution starring Rosalie Hoskins and I!

The link for Amelia’s Magazine’s review of the exhibition:

In the end the quilt sold for £2,200 in the final silent auction! Which is brilliant and it all goes to a good cause..

5 Illustrators for Amelia's Magazine

Alexander McQueen, King of Spades

Jon Burgerman, 9 of Clubs

Rob Ryan, 7 of Hearts

Gerald Scarfe, Jack of Hearts

Nick Park, 6 of Spades

Damien Hurst, Ace of Hearts

Amelia's Magazine, 2 of Hearts

Rosalie and I with the Quilt

Me and the Quilt

Shelter Exhibition

I’m getting very excited, as my competition entry I completed for Amelia’s magazine is going to be exhibited at a gallery in Piccadilly, and the launch party is in a week’s time… Quite chuffed that some other very famous and important people are also contributing! This is the finished piece, you can see my fishes somewhere near the centre, I was amazed to find this was the Big Picture on the BBC News Entertainment website yesterday!

Amelia's Magazine Exhibition Piece