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Apocalypse Summer Project #1
August 23, 2009, 11:42 am
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Just a couple of sketchbook pages I’ve finished for my summer project so far; the brief was to read some ‘apocalyptic fiction’ novels, so I’ve started work for ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy. I loved the book, despite it being really harrowing and sad, but as this is such an open project, it’s quite a challenge to come up with really interesting ideas that are original and different. So thought I would get the obvious out of the way and do some pencil sketches from quotes, looking at trees and clouds, as much of the book describes a destroyed landscape that is ash strewn and dying. Lots of grey.. Hopefully this will give me a basis to go off on more of an interesting tangent for the project later!

Grey ash clouds

"Bleak dawn in the east"

"All the trees in the world"


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More hands! I want more hands! What happened to the road hand idea we spoke about?

Danny “Without the fez”

Comment by Danny

Nice start. I’ve not read The Road, but it seems like you’ve picked up on something subtle here and not the obvious. Nice.

Comment by Joseph

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